What I Know So Far

  • There’s no substitute for good ingredients, literally none, this also goes for there being no hiding from bad ingredients. I know it seems obvious but I was 22 before I realised this.


  • Food and sex have a million things in common but the most important is laughter. If the food your eating doesn’t make you want to laugh out loud then you’re eating the wrong food, similarly if you can’t stop and burst in to giggles in bed then you’re sleeping with the wrong person.


  • Food can in fact be therapy; No, ice cream won’t cure your self loathing, but a good meal shared with loved ones might just remind you why there was no reason to loathe in the first place.


  • A five course meal should never leave you stuffed. No meal should, that ultimately strips the joy form eating, and life is way too short for that.


  • In fact life is too short to strip the joy from anything. So don’t; Start with food then apply what you learn to other aspects of your life, notice how they improve, then revel in your new found passions.


  • The things we like least are often the things we’ve yet to properly experience. This of course isn’t true for everything, but I only have to smell whole grain mustard to be reminded of all those wasted years.


  • The bubbles in champagne are actually made from laughter. Treat them accordingly.


  • Taste is the relationship between ourselves and what we’re eating. The same orange will take on different qualities depending on what we see, feel or hear beyond its pith, this means it’s ok to have different favourites dependant on where your are, that’s not being fickle, that’s being conscious.


  • Contrary to popular belief, those that work in the food industry are worthy of both respect and compassion. Largely because they’re human.


  • If you don’t eat enough you will get ill. Another obvious sounding one but you’d be surprised. And if you do get ill it’s not romantic, it’s not beautiful. It’s ugly and it’s painful and it’s heartbreaking for everyone involved. Eat enough.

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